stanley morse is the son of his two parents (True Story). A director, writer, producer and actor, his creative visions manifest through big budget network tv, music videos, commercials as well as micro budget short films.  

stanley has directed spots, segments and promos for: 2017 nbc world of dance; 2016 nbc fall primetime preview; 2016 billboard music awards; 2016 nbc the celebrity apprentice...

Milo Ventimiglia NBC

Lisa Edelstein 

bravo "girls guide to divorce"

universal tv "house" well as kia, kohls, nbc's the voice, nbc universal's the more you know campaign, coors light, at&t and the tennessee lottery - which merited stanley a Prestigious addy award.

Richard Belzer & Ice T (Law & Order: SVU)

Parents + creative visions = genius.

its simple math.

Peter Krause & Craig t. nelson NBc's "parenthood"

union affiliations: dga, sag/aftra